Acne Treatment

We Offer Treatments Tailored to Your Skin.

If you are like most of us you have tried it all, from oral antibiotics, prescription topicals, birth control to Accutane and still you didn’t get clear or stay clear, it is time to be Acne Free and we can get you there.

Acne affects both teen and adults, male and female causing emotional and physical scarring. In our Esthetic practice, we use a comprehensive approach to treat acne-prone skin. Increasing cell turnover, improving pore function, and reducing dark spots, all key components of our program. With an emphasis placed on education and appropriate home care to maximize results. Home care products are a separate charge and are not included in the cost of the Consultation and Treatment.

Acne Consultation & Treatment, New Clients$150 (60-75 Minutes)

Acne Consultation Only$65 (30-40 Minutes)

The initial consultation and treatment appointment kickstarts your road to clear skin. During this time we will discuss the type of acne you have and how to get and stay clear. We don't just treat the symptoms of acne but get to the cause of your acne by reviewing your health history, lifestyle and dietary habits, checking existing skincare products, and come up with a home care and treatment plan to get your skin clear, safely.

For maximum results, acne clients will come in every 2 weeks for the first 3-4 treatments and then 3 weeks for the next 3-4 treatments. The next step is maintenance with treatments every 4, 6, or 8 weeks depending on the client.

Post-treatment downtime is to be expected - and is really, not much worse than a bad day of acne you've already had. As your skin clears, skin recovery time is shortened. A hot date or special event the day of or up to a week following your appointment is not recommended - please plan accordingly.

Client compliance is a BIG factor in the success of our treatment protocol - we reserve the right to dismiss patients that are non-compliant. We take our work very seriously and respectfully ask our clients to do the same!

Acne Treatment$85 (30 Minutes)

Series-of-Six for Prepaid Price $390, restrictions apply, please inquire.

Back Treatment$85 (30 Minutes)

An acne treatment consists of exfoliation with either a professional peel or enzyme with steam, extractions, mask, sunscreen and product usage/lifestyle guidance.

Each in-office acne treatment has a specific focus on what the skin needs at the time of treatment. We will analyze your skin at the beginning of every treatment to assess which treatment would serve you best. Sometimes the skin will need more hydration, other times it will need more anti-bacterial and/or anti-inflammatory action.

*Long Distance Program available

Skincare ProductsVaries

To achieve clear skin you will need to purchase the products and there will be very detailed instructions on how to use everything. An initial set of products cost approximately $190. These products are geared specifically to clear your acne and keep you clear with continued usage and are truly acne safe products. We will be your clear skin coach and work very closely with you. Compliance is key to getting clear. If you skip product usage and do not make lifestyle changes you will not achieve clear skin.